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Candle Warmer Lamp w/ Timer


  • Safe Way to Enjoy Scented Candles- Our candle warmer lamp uses a 50-watt halogen warming bulb to release the aroma of scented candles without any soot or flames. This not only keeps fire hazards and harmful fumes away but also creates a safe and healthy ambiance for anyone worried about candle flames.


  • Our Dimmable Candle Warmer Lamp with Timer has 3 light intensity options and 3 timing durations (1H/2H/4H). You can choose a low brightness setting to create a serene atmosphere with a subtle fragrance, or opt for high brightness to quickly disperse the fragrance throughout the room. 


  • Perfect Home Decor with its retro and elegant design, our candle wax warmer is a beautiful addition to any home. 


  • Ideal Gifts for Anyone Worried About Burning Candles- A great gift for those who adore scented candles but are concerned about fire safety. Now, they can enjoy their favorite candle without fear of fire hazards or forgetting to blow out their flame. 


Candle Warmer Lamp w/ Timer

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  • Candle Not Included


    Color: Black

    Material: Metal

    Product Dimensions: 9.69"L x 5.7"W x 5.71"H

    Finish Type: Polished

    Two 50-watt halogen warming bulbs included

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